Let’s help sell your wedding dress!


We thought it helpful to share some tips on the fastest way to sell your wedding item on next2newbridal.com.

  1. Pictures! Pictures! Not just any picture, clear pictures please. It is even better to upload pictures of you wearing the dress. If you still think it’s not important, please compare the pictures above. 

2. What’s your selling price? Brides can easily compare prices so it’s important that you price reasonably. 70% of our well priced items sell within the first 5 months.

3. A detailed description provides more information on whatever fabric detail that is not visible in the picture. Descriptions like type of fabric used, beads e.t.c.

4. What is the size of the dress? This will be the same thing as your dress / blouse / trousers size as at the time you wore the wedding dress.

You can click here to sell yours SELL YOUR DRESS


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