So, you are considering buying a pre-owned, used, second hand (and any other name there is) wedding gown. Here are some reasons why you should absolutely go for it!

  1. Price: It will no doubt be cheaper than the exact new one. No need for lengthy explanations.
  2. Different styles to chose from: You get more fashionable, trendy and a wider range of styles and designers to choose from.
  3. You save money. Weddings are quite highly priced these days, buying a pre-owned wedding gown gives you extra cash to spend on other things e.g a reception dress, jewelry, a gift for your spouse / parent / bridal party etc.
  4. Designer gowns: You get to buy high end designer gowns at a discount. This is my most preferred choice, it’s like eating your cake and having it. You get to wear a discounted designer gown, look a million bucks and YOU CAN STILL RESELL.
  5. It’s smart shopping! Most gowns are worn for not more than 8 hours and if the bride has a reception dress, maybe 4 hours.

What do you think?


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