When planning a wedding in Nigeria especially with the new ‘owambe’ craze, everything seems to make it to the list of VERY IMPORTANT. Well, maybe not. Here are 5 things that I left at the top of my list.

  1. Wedding Dress: My wedding attire is the only item that is for me. There is a sense of confidence, happiness that I experience whenever I know that I look good; I’m getting married to bae and looking like a queen while doing so! Find a dress that you love, is within budget and buy! Don’t even bother skimping on this one. Be selfish if you have to…no compromises. No jokes here and this is not because we are in the business of selling dresses, It’s just that you can’t recreate this moment. Any other one is ‘tun mi gbe’.
  2. Bridal Make-Up: Wedding Dress check! Ermm, why would I want to look like a masquerade on this 1 special day. I went through my MUA’s page to check previous work, I did a trial make-up (esp. for my brows…eish) and I booked.
  3. Photographer: Don’t! Don’t! Please don’t carry ‘ijebu’ or ‘akagum’ lifestyle reach this one. Perhaps I should make it top of the list? I think it’s best to book someone who is experienced in bridal photography, not an ‘all na work’ kinda photographer. Imagine not having pictures and videos of your dress, the fun, how your bridal party nailed the aso-ebi.
  4. Music: Pay for a good dj or wedding band. Again, please go through their social media pages. If you can’t find a video of people sweating it out while the band is on, NEXT!
  5. Food: This does not mean overfeed. Good ol’ party jollof rice with soft meat / chicken and a cold drink will do.

That’s my top 5 list of things not to skimp on when planning a wedding. What’s on yours?


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